Who Are The AlphaDogs?

Terence Curren
Founder and President

Terry has had a passion for filmed entertainment since the age of 12, when he began creating home movies with an old eight-millimeter camera.

He began his career in the early 1980s by directing, editing and producing music videos and a direct-to-video feature film. In 1986, he spearheaded the evolution of a major post-production facility’s edit bays, where he became senior editor in short order. His reviews and tutorials of emerging post technologies have appeared in Post, DV Magazine and other publications.

His extensive knowledge of the Avid along with his rich editorial and color-correction experience, has earned him the recognition of his peers and a legion of loyal clients.

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Juan-Lucas Benavidez
Audio / Editing

Our newest pup, Juan-Lucas Rafael Flying Eagle Benavidez started out in music recording, but decided to switch gears to feature and documentary sound design. Now as an assistant in both the audio and editing departments at AlphaDogs, his skill set has expanded rapidly and he's become an integral part of our daily workflows. Working with clients to achieve their creative goals is Juan-Lucas' first priority, and it's reflected in his work.

Juan-Lucas has completed a multitude of certificates for Recording/Production, Pro Tools Assistant, Studio Assistant, and more.


Herrianne Catolos

Herrianne got her start in post-production through a chance meeting with a friend while studying at Pasadena Community College. Once bitten by the bug, she switched majors and never looked back.

Years later, her attention to detail and client-focused approach wins her regular praise from producers. Extensive experience with Avid and Final Cut Pro workfows and HD editing, give her a rich skill set which she fully applies to each project.

Herrianne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Television Arts from California State University, Northridge.

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Russell Frazier
Graphic Design / Visual Effects

Russell has been a motion graphic designer and animator since 1993, using a variety of systems and platforms, including Hal, Domino, Smoke, Flint, Photoshop and After Effects.

He has created film & documentary titles and graphics, television show opens, visual effects, promo graphics, and DVD menus for numerous clients, and has worked as a visual effects compositor on over a dozen feature films. Russell also has experience as a cinematographer and in the art department of several feature films.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film & Television from New York University.

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Aracely Marmol
Office Manager

Aracely is the first and last person that people see when they come to AlphaDogs, making her one of the most pivotal teammembers we have. Lucky for us, she has a fun and hard-working attitude that fits right in.

Whether it's answering the phone, dealing with clients, training interns, ordering tape stock, receiving deliveries and so much more, Aracely handles everything with an effortless smile.

We love her!

Marcus Pardo

Marcus brings over a decade of sound engineering experience to the AlphaDogs team. The depth of his skills and experience range far and wide, including stints as a sound effects editor, re-recording mixer, film sound restoration engineer and ADR/foley mixer.

Marcus' extensive body of work includes the 2002 Emmy Award™ nominated Best Sound Mix for True Story of Black Hawk Down (History Channel), as well as the 5.1 surround mix for the 2005 Grammy Award™ nominated Best Long Form Music Video,Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile (Showtime HD and DVD release).

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Sean Stack
Color-Correction / Editing

Sean Stack began editing a decade ago as he worked to complete his Associates Degree in Film and Television Broadcasting. The post production career choice became inevitable as he applied himself to various projects, quickly moving from assistant editor and onward, into offline, animation and online finishing.

A dedicated AlphaDogs team member, Sean excels working with clients who require a creative or technical solution to get the project completed. His editing experience covers a wide range from documentaries, animated series and broadcast television, to color correction and grading for independent features, reality shows, UCLA short films, and commercials.

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Sam Vargas

Sam got his professional start as a Sound Effects Editor for feature films, before joining Alphadogs where he expanded his skills to encompass all facets of video and audio, including Avid, Premiere Pro and Final Cut. His proficiency and knowledge mean no job is ever too small or too big, whether capturing and editing media for a client in Avid or creating entire sound mixes for film festival in Pro Tools.

Sam graduated with honors and earned an Associates of Science in Recording Arts from The Los Angeles Film School.

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Sean Williams
Graphic Design / Visual Effects

Sean planned on a career in television production, but a chance phone call led to an entry position at a major Burbank post production facility and he hasn't been the same since.

His body of work includes innumerable film and television titles/credits and animated graphics for various documentaries, promos and other projects. He has also designed menus for more than a dozen feature film DVD releases. Forays into print and website layout/design round out his experience in the visual arts.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Julie Leibovitz
Business Development

Julie brings over 15 years of experience in business development and PR to the AlphaDogs team. Her broad range of experience combined with her love of meeting people and her go-getter approach towards bringing news about AlphaDogs to the rest of the world, make her a valued team player. Whether getting articles into trade publications or touring the facility with new clients, Julie spreads the message that affordable post-production and top-quality work are one and the same at AlphaDogs.