Services and Facilities at AlphaDogs

Located in the heart of Burbank's Media District, AlphaDogs occupies 7,500 square feet of state-of-the-art editing bays, design studios, audio suites and production offices. From covered reserved parking spaces, to client computers in the bays, to a kitchen with espresso maker, we strive to provide a comfortable and welcoming work environment.

Use the links below to learn more about the services we offer. If you need a service that you don't see listed, give us a call anyway — we have friendly relationships with many experts in the industry, and together we can meet any need that your project may require.

Rental Suites
OFFLINE EDITING: AlphaDogs’ offline editing suites feature all of the peripheral technical gear needed to edit with confidence. Our TerraBlock SAN ensures RAID protection and project flexibility — moving from offline to one of our online bays has never been easier. Various NLE options—from Avid to Apple to Adobe—are available to match your project needs or your editor’s preferences. Hourly, daily and weekly rates include tech support.

OFFICE SUITE RENTALS: AlphaDogs offers 1,300 sq.ft of office suites that are ideal for production or post-production use. Set your own hours with private access — nights and weekends too. They can be furnished or unfurnished, and give you access to our communal office amenities. Add one of our Avid or Final Cut Pro editing systems for cost-effective and practical offline editing.

Post Production Consultation
We recommend getting your post production facility involved with your production at the earliest stages. That is why we offer free post production consultation—whether here at our offices or remotely at yours—to help optimize your production workflow in preparation for eventual post. Contact us for more information, or to set up a meeting.
Video Finishing
Our video finishing suites combine top-of-the-line NLE workstations with all the pro gear needed to monitor the technical quality of your project. From HD scopes to broadcast limiters to reference-grade monitors, these bays offer it all. Including Apple MacBooks for your email and internet use. Whether your project originated in Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, AlphaDogs has the necessary tools and experienced talent to get it out to your mastering format(s) while ensuring the highest technical quality.
Color Correction
Our color-correction suites provide all the necessary gear to ensure that the look you are aiming for, is both technically legal and aesthetically accurate. With HD-scopes and reference-grade monitors providing proper visual reference, and our RAID-protected SAN providing worry-free media playback, our colorists have all the tools they need to make your project shine.

Whether you’re looking for a digital-cinema-ready color grade from our Da Vinci Resolve suite, or the project integration of an end-to-end Avid, Premiere or Final Cut workflow, AlphaDogs stands ready to unleash our talent on your behalf.

Motion Graphics
Our graphics workstations offer resolution-independent graphics and animation capabilities for projects of any stripe. From complex multiplanar motion graphics with virtual 3D camera moves to simple text IDs for talking heads — and everything in between — if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life. Our artists have the toolset and the experience to take your project to the next creative level.
Visual Effects
Whether you need to realistically track a custom animation onto an iPhone screen in a handheld shot or remove production crew inconsiderately stepping into your perfectly framed scene, our VFX workstations can tackle it. From DV to 4K and beyond, our compositing artists have the tools and experience to meet your needs (and your budget) with creativity and finesse.
Audio Post
AlphaDogs audio post production offers audio editorial and re-recording mixing for film, television, gaming and internet content, as well as sound design and audio restoration services. Our two ProTools-equipped 5.1 surround sound mix stages feature HD monitors and expansive sound effects libraries. Shared TerraBlock storage means that our audio services integrate seamlessly with our other post production resources, like online editing and color correction.

The AlphaDogs audio team has a “sound” ear for blending a creative approach with technical savvy — just the right “mix” of talent, skill and experience for your next project

QC and Deliverables
QC SERVICES: Professional reports to ensure broadcast and streaming standards-compliant video and audio.

FIXES: Reasonable rates for fixing critical video and audio issues flagged by our QC.

DELIVERABLES: We can generate your needed deliverables, including: files (QuickTime, MXF, H.264), videotapes (HDCAMSR, etc), and DCPs. We can also embed CC, and create screener DVDs/Blu-rays.

Additional Media Services
MEDIA TRANSFERS: Tired of trying to integrate an expensive rental deck into your editing system? Our Digital Service Station™ workstations are the solution you seek, whether you wish to capture your tapes to editing media on your portable drive, or simply need our assistance with broadcast-ready output to tape.

ENCODING AND FILE CONVERSIONS: We can provide you with encoding services that span the full range of delivery formats from mobile devices to web streaming to DVD and beyond.

DVD / BLU-RAY AUTHORING: AlphaDogs offers professional-grade DVD authoring services, as well as select Blu-ray authoring options. We can also help you with commentary tracks and menu design.

FRAME RATE / STANDARDS CONVERSIONS: Our Teranex can help process the trickiest frame rate and video standards conversions.

CLOSED CAPTIONING: AlphaDogs can embed closed caption files in your tapes or QuickTime files. Call us to find out more.