Network Deliverables Made Easy With AlphaDogs Digital Service Station

Network Deliverables Made Easy With AlphaDogs Digital Service Station | December 2, 2014

December 2, 2014 

Burbank, CA—Demands placed on post-producers and supervisors in the new world of post-production are now more time consuming and complicated than ever. Having the correct tools and team in place to sort out a plethora of delivery specs while ensuring projects get delivered on time and within budget means partnering with a post- production facility that understands importance of technical quality and integrity associated with network deliverables.

Providing both a collaborative and friendly work environment AlphaDogs has earned a following of loyal clients including producer-director Jordan Kelly Montgomery who has made AlphaDogs part of his production team after working with the company for a number of years. Currently in production on the second season of Hoplite Entertainment’s Stable Wars for Fox Sports, Montgomery faced grueling delivery deadlines when the show suddenly received a lot of interest both domestically and abroad. Taking full advantage of AlphaDogs stringent QC practices and full finishing services using the Digital Service Station not only helps Montgomery prep for the show, but also ensures all pressing deadlines are met while delivering a finished product with no defects or deficiencies. Montgomery comments, “AlphaDogs caught and fixed things that our editorial team simply wouldn't have time to even address and they did so without hurting our budget,” said Montgomery.

AlphaDogs Digital Service Station has been providing an alternative solution for delivering content in both an easy and affordable fashion since its inception in 2004 and has become a valuable tool for the post-production community. “The post-production process is not the same as it used to be,” explains AlphaDogs founder and CEO, Terence Curren. “Just the deliverables alone can become a full-time job in itself making it almost impossible for post supervisors to allot the close attention and time needed to be certain projects are truly ready for broadcast delivery. At AlphaDogs, clients have the ease of a one-stop drop off and the comfort of knowing that a professional team is handling their transfers and conversions.”

Additional media services at AlphaDogs include encoding, DVD and Blu-ray authoring and Teranex processing for frame rate and standards conversions. AlphaDogs also provides full finishing services including, color, audio, and graphics for television, cinema and new media.

Montgomery comments, “Alpha Dogs works with all the top networks and knows what they expect. Their knowledge and experience gives me the piece of mind to know I'm in competent hands,” said Montgomery. General Manager, Paul De Cham and his team make you feel like family while they take your show to completion. I don't go anywhere else.”

Stable Wars is currently airing on Fox Sports. For show info and new listings check out: and

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