AlphaDogs Hot on the Trail of Bigfoot | January 21, 2014

AlphaDogs Hot on the Trail of Bigfoot | January 21, 2014


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Burbank, CA—Lions, tigers, and Bigfoot, oh my! While coming face-to-face with an actual Bigfoot would likely strike terror in most people, it could now potentially make you ten million dollars richer. In the new one-hour reality competition series Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, nine teams of lifelong Bigfoot bounty hunters—or “sqautchers”—use their skills combined with modern-day technology to track and capture this elusive beast, with one lucky team receiving a chance at 10 million dollars in cash. The series airs Fridays at 10/9C on Spike TV.

Choosing the right post-production facility was crucial for completing the finish as the series had many technical hurdles to contend with. The shoot presented its own daunting challenge, spanning 4 states with multiple indoor and outdoor locations. In addition, a wide variety of videotape and card-based formats from 124 cameras including thermal imaging, time-lapse, quad copters and IR cameras were used. “This is the most complex array of gear I’ve come across and I knew we needed a post-house with a colorist and online editor who could handle it,” said Consulting Producer, Scott Templeton. Terence Curren and the team and AlphaDogs were my first choice. I’ve worked with them on other projects and knew it would be the right decision.”

Typical reality television programming time constraints and hefty technical challenges made color grading especially daunting. The veteran colorist and CEO of AlphaDogs explains, “We weren’t given extra time to complete the finish just because the production was “gear heavy” making the color grading process more demanding than other reality series we have worked on. You find a way to make it work without sacrificing quality while still meeting critical deadlines. Remaining flexible and thinking on your feet is key, especially when you’re looking at tight turnaround time.” Curren’s extensive experience as a colorist for over 25 years, combined with his skilled knowledge and use of color scopes made certain the overall look of the picture not only looked good on the surface, but went a step further by certifying the range of colors allowed for a video signal are also up to standard for broadcast television. Executive Producer and Emmy® Award winner Jon Kroll comments, “We really wanted to give 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty an epic look, and AlphaDogs stepped up in a big way to elevate each episode one shot at a time. The difference was amazing.” Co- Executive Producer Kerry Schmidt adds, “We shot 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty from more than 100 source cameras, and thought we'd never be able to give the show a unified look. With AlphaDogs' support, we were able to pull it off.”

AlphaDogs provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where clients can work and collaborate with the artists one-on-one in achieving the best results on their projects. Careful attention is given to every detail with an “all hands on deck” approach, treating each project that comes through the facility as though it’s their very own and including clients in all aspects of the post-production process. “It's not just that we got a great looking show, or that it’s done efficiently, it's also the comfort of knowing that the AlphaDogs team was watching out in the same way that I'd watch out for the show,” said Templeton. “It's a great feeling when you've got a tough project like this knowing that there is a team that has your back.”

The series required multiple deliverable formats. AlphaDogs' stringent quality control process made certain that broadcast and quality standards were met while delivering each episode on time, and ready-to-air. Templeton comments, “We have been very happy with the final delivery of each episode and I will be working with AlphaDogs again. I know when I use AlphaDogs I’m not just hiring a facility. I’m working with a partner.”

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty is produced by Charlie Corwin's Original Media (Swamp People, Ink Master) with Corwin, Mike Riley and Emmy® Award-winner Jon Kroll (The Amazing Race, Big Brother) as Executive Producers, Kerry Schmidt as Co- Executive Producer, and Scott Templeton as Consulting Producer.

For more information visit Spike TV. You can also follow 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty on Facebook and Twitter @SpikeTV.

About AlphaDogs: Founded in 2002, AlphaDogs is an independently owned full service post-production facility located in the center of Burbank’s media district. AlphaDogs gifted team brings a combination of both creative talent and technical expertise paying extra attention to detail in delivering projects with a personal touch. State of the art editing bays, color correction, audio mixing, visual effects, production offices and equipment rentals are available. To learn more visit

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