Extreme Drug Smuggling at AlphaDogs Post Production

Extreme Drug Smuggling at AlphaDogs Post Production | October 11, 2011


Monday, October 11, 2011


Burbank, CA—Burbank-based AlphaDogs Post Production has announced completion of post services for Extreme Drug Smuggling, a documentary that explores the underground world of drug smuggling and the extreme measures that are taken by drug traffickers to smuggle drugs into the United States. The show aired on the Discovery Channel in September.

Post Producer, Scott Young has been a long time client of AlphaDogs Post Production. Young called on the AlphaDogs team once again knowing that he could be assured of seamless on time delivery, even with a challenging turnaround time of just one week. Young comments. “In spite of any obstacles, AlphaDogs delivered the look and sound we wanted to achieve. Quality was not sacrificed due to time constraints and I was extremely pleased with the final delivery of the project.”

Color correction and conform was handled by Online Finishing Editor, Sean P. Keenan using the AVID Symphony 5.5.3. A streamlined workflow was crucial with the delivery date less than one week away. Conforming sequences required matching the documentary's extensive use of archival footage from law enforcement with footage shot on location. This meant extra attention to detail in the color correction process to seamlessly match various formats of footage. Using GenArts Sapphire 3 Effects Keenan was able to add or remove grain and noise as needed to match archive footage to production footage and make it less jarring to the viewer. Varying frame rates and resolutions were also converted to meet network specifications.

Re-Recording Mixer, Erik Valenzuela completed the audio mix for the documentary mixing in Pro Tools 9. One of the challenges that presented itself during the mix was the poor audio quality in the interviews. Valenzuela used Izotope RX and RX de-noiser to repair the audio, removing any unwanted sounds while restoring any clipped audio. Powerful music was used to drive the pace of the show, along with layers of sound effects to create a feeling of suspense while adding excitement to action sequences. AlphaDogs extensive sound library was utilized to create realistic sounds of Columbian soldiers talking amongst one another, jungle ambiances, and motorboat effects as the soldiers travel deep into the mangrove swamps in search of drug cartel camps. Valenzuela comments, “I mixed the show in a way that would be appealing to both me and the audience in creating an entertaining and educational story.” Facing a short turnaround, the use of Waves compression, equalization, and other tools on a Pro Tools 9 system were used to assure delivery of quality audio under a tight deadline.

Extreme Drug Smuggling takes an inside look at the sophisticated methods cartels and drug traffickers are using to import marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Billions of tons of narcotics are smuggled into the United States every year. Anything from submarines to super tunnels, ultra lights, and go fast boats, drug traffickers will risk their lives and the lives of others and have no limits with the drastic measures they will take to make a profit.

Extreme Drug Smuggling is produced by Discovery Studios LLC for The Discovery Channel.

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