AlphaDogs in the Junkyard for New Reality Series on the Discovery Channel

AlphaDogs in the Junkyard for New Reality Series on the Discovery Channel | February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Burbank, CA — Burbank-based AlphaDogs Post Production has announced it has been chosen to complete online editorial services for 10 episodes of Desert Car Kings, a new reality show for The Discovery Channel that takes an inside look at the restoration process of classic vehicles as they are re-built for auction. The series airs Wednesdays on The Discovery Channel at 10pm EST.

Reality shows can present unique demands when it comes to post production “As with most reality shows, the footage can be all over the map,” says AlphaDogs president, Terence Curren. “But our team specializes in bringing out the best from every project.”

That devotion has earned AlphaDogs a loyal following of clients including Producer Brian Knappmiller. Knappmiller was first introduced to AlphaDogs over three years ago and has continued to bring projects to the facility since. Knappmiller comments, “The best thing about the team at AlphaDogs is that they care. You never feel like you are just another client, or another paycheck. It’s very apparent that the folks at AlphaDogs love what they do, and that directly carries over to the effort and quality of work they bring to every project. Whenever I have a new project, they are always my first call for all things post production.”

In the case of Desert Car Kings, the task of turning footage into a story fell to finishing editor, Herrianne Cayabyab who used Avid’s Symphony Nitris DX. “We follow the offline platform for our finishing tasks,” noted Cayabyab, “If they use Media Composer, it’s a Symphony finish, if they use Final Cut Pro, then that project would go through our FCP finishing pipeline.”

One of the distinct challenges faced during post on Desert Car Kings were iris changes within the camera, which cause exposure changes during a shot that can be jarring to the viewer if not corrected. Cayabyab comments, "With the Nitris software we are able to add keyframes to the color grade which allows me to correct any iris shifts. They then appear more transitional in nature and go unnoticed to the viewers at home. The clients have been extremely pleased with the results." Cayabyab also used the secondary color correction feature in the Symphony to help pull out the rich blue skies of the Arizona desert.

Desert Car Kings follows the McClure family as they and their crew restore classic American cars in the Arizona desert. Applying the same loving care as the McClure family, the AlphaDogs team helps imbue the show with a luster deserving of the subject’s automobiles. Each episode ends with the auctioning off of the restored car while hoping to make a fair profit. The McClure’s lot has over 10,000 rust free cars, which they use for both classic car parts, and as a source for restorations.

Desert Car Kings is produced by True Entertainment for Discovery Communications and The Discovery Channel.

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