Rumors of Big Waves at AlphaDogs Post Production

Rumors of Big Waves at AlphaDogs Post Production | November 17, 2010


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Burbank, CA—Burbank based AlphaDogs Post Production is pleased to announce completion of work on the movie Rumors that will be premiering November 18 at 8:00 p.m. at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach. Rumors is a cinematic journey into Mexico’s deepest surf scene that follows 5 world-renowned individuals on a surfing adventure into some of Mexico’s most remote beaches.

Producer Mark Kronemeyer chose AlphaDogs as their post facility based on their reputation for providing quality work with personalized service. Kronemeyer comments; “The main thing we liked about AlphaDogs was that despite not really knowing anyone there we immediately felt comfortable working with everyone. There are many factors when working on a film such as budgets, deadlines, opinions, etc, but it seemed that the crews' main objective was not just to do business but also help to get the best possible result. We felt like part of a team, instead of just customers, which is really hard to find these days, in any industry.” Kronemeyer continues, “The final delivery was excellent, everything came out how we had visualized it, if not better. We would use AlphaDogs again, it's not often you find a good working environment and achieve excellent results at the same time.”

One of the challenges faced during post was matching footage of roughly 800 shots of assorted waves from around the world. The majority of the massive swells were shot during inclement weather creating a hazy environment. Veteran colorist Brian Hutchings was not only able to match the shots for continuity purposes, but also create a rich color palette conducive to the tropic feel of Mexico. Hutchings comments; “Our goal at AlphaDogs is to save the client money without sacrificing quality. Everyone here enjoys the satisfaction of creating a quality product.”

Finishing Editor Sean Stack provided tech support for the project while also isolating problematic footage and fixing it using a variety of tools. An example Stack gives involved some footage that was recorded incorrectly due to camera issues in production. This resulted in offset fields that gave a jagged edge appearance to the footage. He decided to use de-interlacing filters to successfully repair the shots.

AlphaDogs also provided DVD encoding and authoring services. VP of Design Sean Williams was faced with an extremely tight deadline for delivery to the DVD replication facility, and turned around a completed project in one day. Special emphasis was placed upon getting the best quality standard-definition encoding possible out of the client's HD source material.

The audio mix required that ambiance be created during segments that were only cut to music in offline. Due to a limited budget, this required a lot of creativity from Audio Mixer, Isai Espinoza. Since the filmmakers wanted a surround mix, Espinoza used the Waves 360 plugins to create a 5.1 surround environment and successfully sent the music to the rear channels without creating phase issues from stereo only music tracks. Pro Tools HD/2 and AlphaDogs extensive sound library was used to recreate ocean and beach atmosphere during the breaks between surf footage.

Rumors takes you deep inside Mexico into the world of surfing. Visits to secret spots such as the recently discovered “Lost Point” and many other secret hideaways of surf in the country are explored. For future premiere dates and to check out the trailer, go to Copies will also be available for purchase at Rumors is Directed by Mark Kronemeyer and Produced by Alistair Calderon & Mark Kronemeyer

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About AlphaDogs—Founded in 2002, Burbank-based AlphaDogs, Inc. quickly established themselves as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing digital post arena. The company maintains an early adopter's edge; testing and assimilating leading technologies to keep ahead of the pack with solutions such as the RED camera and were the first post house in Los Angeles to take delivery of the Avid Symphony HD editing system. Personal attention from a seasoned award-winning team assures client satisfaction accompanies each cost-effective delivery of superior post production services—including editing, color correction, 5.1 audio, motion graphics, visual effects, DVDs, media transfers, duplication, production offices, and system rentals with 24/7 tech support.

AlphaDogs is home to the popular Editors' Lounge and headquarters of the growing media transfer specialty service Digital Service Station; now serving California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. AlphaDogs is located at 1612 West Olive, Suite 200, Burbank, CA 91506.

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