K-Ci & JoJo Come Clean at AlphaDogs Post in New Reality Series

K-Ci & JoJo Come Clean at AlphaDogs Post in New Reality Series | October 18, 2010


Monday, October 18, 2010


Burbank, CA—AlphaDogs Post Production is pleased to announce completion of the new reality show K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean. Completely non-scripted and raw, the nine episode series examines the duo's hard road back to sobriety combining intense medical treatments, physical training, and spiritual therapy. The show airs on TVOne beginning October 19th at 9:00 EST with two back to back episodes.

Executive Producer, Carl Craig chose AlphaDogs post to do the post production on the show due to the tight budget and time constraints. Facilities Manager Paul DeCham comments; “Due to budgetary constraints between the client and the network, this project was a real challenge. But in typical fashion, we were able to both satisfy the client and network with a quality "look" for a very reasonable cost”.

A unique challenge presented itself during post-production when a dead pixel was discovered on one of the cameras used throughout production. All shots from this camera had to be repaired by finishing editor Sean Stack who used a special filter to seamlessly fill in the dead pixel area. Stack comments; “Being able to overcome production challenges in post makes for a rewarding experience as an editor. We kept the client happy and delivered a perfect master on time to the network”. Keeping a consistent and thorough workflow for the audio mix during the short turnaround time was also a challenge. Audio mixer, Isai Espinoza used the Waves Noise Reduction and Cedar DNS One plug-ins to reduce hiss and remove crackling and popping that can be introduced during production. Espinoza comments; “Facing time constraints, the use of Waves compression, equalization, and other tools on a Pro Tools HD2 system allowed me to stay within budgetary guidelines, fix any problems, and deliver a fine polish to the sound”.

In the series, a camera team follows R&B artists K-Ci and JoJo for 30 days beginning at the Prometa Treatment Center where they receive shots 3 times a day to reduce the urge to drink. Based loosely around the AA 12 step program, the show chronicles the determination and strong measures being taken to stay sober. Apologies to babies mamas and a visit to a funeral home to view the sobering reality on where a life of alcoholism can end, are just a few of the realities visited in the series. To assist in their recovery, there will be appearances by Pastor Jamal Bryant, R&B legend Charlie Wilson, actress and celebrity life stylist A.J. Johnson, recording industry mogul André Harrell, and their Jodeci band mate, Devante Swing.

K-Ci and Jo Jo Come Clean is produced by Executive Producer, Carl Craig of Ultra Wave Vision Productions in conjunction with the group’s manager, Damon Jones.

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