AlphaDogs Attack Extinction of Big Cats in Kenya

AlphaDogs Attack Extinction of Big Cats in Kenya | October 7, 2010


Thursday, October 7, 2010


Burbank, CA—AlphaDogs Post Production is pleased to announce completion of full post services on the 50-minute docufilm Lion Warriors that will air during National Geographic’s Big Cat Week in December. Produced by Erik and Kire Godal, the programming event is part of The Big Cat Initiative launched by the National Geographic Society, to create global public awareness in preventing extinction of the big cat population in Kenya by the year 2030 - as predicted by experts.

AlphaDogs is proud to have been chosen as the facility to complete the film finishing and audio. In addition, a main title design was created to go along with the theme of the docufilm. Senior Animator Russell Frazier comments; "The idea was to show the lions and Maasai warriors at the same time, but never together. They are in conflict, so a collision course was suggested by having both on the move, but one as a high-contrast element through which we see the other. The intense colors and pacing were guided by Erik Godal's music, that contained location audio of the warriors in action."

Lion Warriors focuses on the conflict between the semi nomadic Maasai tribe and the survival of the lion population in Kenya. The Maasai depend on cattle as their primary source of food and currency. As a patriarchal warrior tribe, it’s customary for young men to hunt a lion as a rite of passage in becoming a warrior. Increased populations in once wild areas, along with recent droughts have also forced the cats to prey on the tribe’s cattle herds. Retaliation is persecution by death to the big cats.

Erik Godal comments. “Education and awareness is going to be the key in changing the culture of the Maasai before the big cat population is wiped out”. To educate the tribe on the financial alternative the MPT (Maasai Land Preservation Trust) also produced an educational film titled We Don’t Kill Lions Anymore (made by Kire Godal) that creates awareness on the reimbursement the tribesmen can receive for any cattle that are killed by lions. Founded by Richard Bonham and Tom Hill, the MPT works in conjunction with Living with Lions, a research and conversation group that works in Kenya’s unprotected areas to save wild lions.

AlphaDogs Post was the Godal’s choice after learning of some notable documentaries the facility had previously worked on. Godal comments, “We were pressed for time and I needed everything done under one roof as efficiently as possible. AlphaDogs provided a professional environment with personable service and delivered a great finished product. Everything I do from here on out will be with AlphaDogs”.

Lion Warriors is produced by the sister and brother team of Erik Godal (Producer, Music Composer) and Kire Godal (Director, Writer, Editor). They divided forces, and made the film in a 5-month window to meet their September 1st deadline for Nat Geo WILD. Original Godal Productions produces ethnographic wildlife films and expects more to come on Lion Warriors. Learn more at

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