Alien Abductions at AlphaDogs Post Production

Alien Abductions at AlphaDogs Post Production | September 7, 2010


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Burbank, CA—Aliens have landed at AlphaDogs Post Production in the new horror film Grey Skies. Written and produced by husband and wife team Stacey Jorgenson and Mark Reilly at Little Engine Films, the story is about a group of friends reuniting at a rural lake cabin. Strange disappearances begin to happen, as they become victims of alien abductions. To learn more visit

Stacy and Mark approached AlphaDogs initially to complete color correction on the film. The duo was so pleased with both the consistency and quality of the work as well as the professionalism of the staff that they decided to post the entire film at the facility. “I came to Alpha Dogs in tears” Jorgenson comments, “The audio had so many problems and we were up against the deadline for our premiere. What seemed like complex problems that couldn’t be fixed in time were simplified and we made our delivery date”.

AlphaDogs worked around the clock to complete the entire audio mix and design. Audio mixer Marcus Pardo utilized a Pro Tools HD2 system, with a plethora of plug-ins. In particular, the Waves Diamond Bundle, Waves 360, Cedar DNS One, and the Waves Dorrough Meter Surround Edition allowed Marcus to keep the final mix entirely in the Pro Tools realm. Pardo comments, "I love the Wave Diamond Bundle for the EQ's and Compression. The Waves 360 has a great sounding 5.1 surround reverb for the sound design elements. Furthermore, I believe that the Cedar DNS One is truly heaven sent, for the way it attacks hissy noisy production dialogue and the ease to automate every setting in Pro Tools”. Shared Terrablock storage integrated the picture and the audio seamlessly expediting the delivery, saving both time and money.

Colorist Brian Hutchings quickly interpreted the vision of the suspense needed for the alien abductions in one of AlphaDog’s finishing suites, that integrates the Tangent 200 panels with Apple’s Color application. Brian’s craftsmanship as a colorist allowed him to augment the story visually giving the images the tension needed to create the eeriness surrounding alien abductions.

“We felt that AlphaDogs was our home away from home during the arduous 15 plus hour days”. Jorgensen said. “AlphaDogs will definitely be my first call for post production on future projects”. Grey Skies has been selected for the Sante Fe Independent Film Festival October 19-29th, 2010. Little Engine Films has 3 films in development and currently securing financing. To learn more visit

For additional information please contact Julie Leibovitz at 818.456.4149 or address an email to Julie(at) or visit

About AlphaDogs Founded in 2002, Burbank-based AlphaDogs, Inc. quickly established themselves as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing digital post arena. The company maintains an early adopters' edge; testing and assimilating leading technologies to keep ahead of the pack with solutions such as the RED camera and were the first post house in Los Angeles to take delivery of the Avid Symphony HD editing system. Personal attention from a seasoned award-winning team assures client satisfaction accompanies each cost-effective delivery of superior post production services—including editing, color correction, 5.1 audio, motion graphics, visual effects, DVDs, media transfers, duplication, production offices, and system rentals with 24/7 tech support.

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