AlphaDogs completes Post work on Sports DVDs

AlphaDogs completes Post work on Sports DVDs | November 1, 2004


Monday, November 1, 2004


AlphaDogs, Inc., a post-production studio focused on keeping clients “ahead of the pack,” today announced that it has completed post-production work on five Nouveau Richards Productions sports-themed DVDs: Athens 2004 Olympic Games Gymnastics, 2004 U.S. Open, 2004 U.S. Women’s Open, 2004 U.S. Senior Open and The Best of Stars on Ice: Volume 3.

AlphaDogs editors worked closely with Tony Richards, director and producer at Nouveau Richards Productions, to ensure all five projects were completed as quickly as possible, while still maintaining the highest level of post-production quality control.

“Schedule wise, the Olympics video and golf videos were extremely demanding projects,” said Richards. “Part of that was due to the short turnaround time, but also to the volume of material that we had to sift through. We had to watch endless hours of the events and digitize it all to make sense. For the Olympics gymnastics video, we were writing scripts on a daily basis, as we didn’t have the luxury of waiting until after the events were over to tell our story. The Olympics gymnastics video was being advertised on NBC’s telecast and Web site while the games were going on.”

Richards entrusted AlphaDogs as his one-stop post-production and finishing studio. The editors at AlphaDogs were responsible for all offline, online, color correction and design work.

“Our team excelled in pulling together to meet the creative and scheduling challenges presented by this project,” said Sharon Nichols Bourassa, COO of AlphaDogs. “Our artists displayed their abilities by contributing to various parts of the process. I’m proud to say that the combined efforts resulted in the client walking away confident in the knowledge and talent of the post team at AlphaDogs.”

Continued Richards, “AlphaDogs attacked the projects from every possible angle. Rather than act like many conventional post-production houses that sit there and log the amount of hours, what machines were used, how many copies and dubs were made, they apply their entire team to every facet of the project to ensure the highest quality and to make sure that every single deadline is met on time. I had assistance in every facet of the production.”

About AlphaDogs

Founded in 2002, Burbank-based AlphaDogs, Inc. quickly established themselves as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing digital post arena. The company maintains an early adopters edge; testing and assimilating leading technologies to keep ahead of the pack with solutions such as the RED camera and were the first post house in Los Angeles to take delivery of the Avid Symphony HD editing system. Personal attention from a seasoned award-winning team assures client satisfaction accompanies each cost-effective delivery of superior post production services—from editing and audio re-recording to broadcast design & effects.

AlphaDogs is home to the popular Editors' Lounge and headquarters of the growing media transfer specialty service Digital Service Station; now serving California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. AlphaDogs is located at 1612 West Olive, Suite 200, Burbank, CA 91506.

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