Alpha Dogs Completes Post On Two Films For ACI

Alpha Dogs Completes Post On Two Films For ACI | October 6, 2003


Monday, October 6, 2003


AlphaDogs’ online expertise with Avid Symphony cut post-production costs and editing time in bay

AlphaDogs, Inc., a post-production studio focused on keeping clients “ahead of the pack,” today announced that it recently completed online post-production work on two American Cinema International (ACI) projects: Hatchetman, a horror film, and Wildfire, a documentary film about smokejumpers.

AlphaDogs took full advantage of Avid® Symphony™’s Universal online editing power to color correct, conduct dirt fixes, titling and assembly for both films. The AlphaDogs team worked closely with the producers, directors of photography (DP) and post-production technical supervisors of each project to ensure the unique challenges and technical problems that each project presented were quickly addressed and corrected.

Terence Curren, president of AlphaDogs, was the lead editor for each project and worked closely with both post-production teams to ensure the online post process was completed on time and on budget. “At AlphaDogs, our commitment to client satisfaction is always the top priority,” said Curren. “We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every time we go to work on a project—be it a feature film or other project meant for television or cable.”

Adam Bennett, post-production technical supervisor for Hatchetman, noted, “The primary reason we chose to online in Symphony was due to its ability to produce the cleanest masters in both NTSC and PAL formats. In addition, working in Symphony allowed us to globally color correct for both formats from one master.” Bennett also added, “Terry and the AlphaDogs team turned us into Symphony fans. After watching them work for five minutes, it was clear that we were working with experienced Symphony editors; they showed us tricks that we didn’t think were possible within Symphony.”

According to Bennett, the entire online process for Hatchetman was completed faster than expected. Bennett allotted three to five days for color correction on Symphony—the same time as he normally gives for working on film. To his surprise, AlphaDogs completed the project faster than expected and, according to Bennett, “the final product came out looking better than he expected.”

For the ACI documentary Wildfire, AlphaDogs was responsible for ingesting digi beta masters for the final conform, color timing and correction, as well as titling. The entire post-production process was executed within Symphony and was completed within a week.

Arnold Peterson, director of photography and associate producer for Wildfire, said, “As a cinematographer used to working in the chemical medium [film], I found the flexibility of the system [Symphony] quite astounding. This was a multi-media project combining video and film masters, and the entire post-production team was quite pleased with the rhythm of the project.”

Peterson continued, “After sitting in the room with Terry on the Symphony, I knew something was different. I was not expecting 75 percent of what the Symphony was capable of doing. Having the kind of flexibility in post on a Symphony system in the capable hands of the folks at AlphaDogs brings great comfort to a cameraman who had always in the past felt constrained by the limitations of video.”

About AlphaDogs

Founded in 2002, Burbank-based AlphaDogs, Inc. quickly established themselves as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing digital post arena. The company maintains an early adopters edge; testing and assimilating leading technologies to keep ahead of the pack with solutions such as the RED camera and were the first post house in Los Angeles to take delivery of the Avid Symphony HD editing system. Personal attention from a seasoned award-winning team assures client satisfaction accompanies each cost-effective delivery of superior post production services—from editing and audio re-recording to broadcast design & effects.

AlphaDogs is home to the popular Editors' Lounge and headquarters of the growing media transfer specialty service Digital Service Station; now serving California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. AlphaDogs is located at 1612 West Olive, Suite 200, Burbank, CA 91506.

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