AlphaDogs is Moving!

A message from Terence Curren — Eighteen years ago I embarked on an adventure believing there was a better way to run a post house. It was a giant leap of faith. And now, I find myself making another giant leap into the future of post as I believe it will exist. This will be 4th iteration of my career in the media creation industry, and I am so glad I can share it with a long time acquaintance. When AlphaDogs was launched, it was still an era of large post houses in which every edit room cost a minimum of half a million dollars to build. Our vision was that there was a smarter way to do this without investing huge sums of money in limiting architecture. The main challenge from the beginning was how to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. For the last eighteen years, that was an all encompassing goal at which we were arguably very successful. For years though, it has been apparent that our industry would have to change. The democratization of content creation and distribution meant that newer, fresher, and maybe less polished approaches would flourish. In that market, where is the room for post houses with huge overhead? That nagging reality kept us looking at many different options in anticipation of staying ahead of the pack. There was no denying that the future would hold a very different way of approaching content creation.

Polishing my crystal ball became a constant pastime. I could see a future where all the talent worked wherever they wanted to, and an actual “post house” would eventually just be a few finely tuned screening rooms for final polish. With that in mind we have been moving towards downsizing our real estate footprint, and focusing on what our clients really need. This was a good long term goal. And then... enter the pandemic that essentially shut our industry down and forced studios to accept both lower security and quality measures. That finally allowed editorial talent to work from home. This exponentially expedited our vision of the future of post. Welcome 2020!

I started looking for a logical partnership a few years ago. Happenstance caused the perfect alignment of similar souls with similar goals and no overlapping client base. This allowed an elegant union of two different companies well aligned to provide better services to both of their client bases. Let me introduce you to George Rizkallah whose company, The Product Factory in Burbank has been providing the same intimate yet top notch service to animation clients since 2004:

The Product Factory was founded on creating partnerships with our clients. We don’t like to be seen as the “post house”, but rather as partners working with productions to provide services beyond ones and zeros. We like to be a part of the start to finish journey along with our clients. Even if some of the work isn’t being done by us, we like to help you shepherd it along across the finish line. As I like to say to every new client “My goal is that you never think of the Post Production phase without thinking of me, not because I’m the cheapest or the fastest, but because I’ve earned your trust throughout the run of this project and many more ” It’s building relationships that I enjoy the most. And my relationship with Terry started way back in 2000, when he was a mentor to me then and is still someone I look up to today. 

As the Product Factory has specialized in animated content for the last 17 years, we have always been working with the top studios under the most stringent of guidelines whether it be Dolby Vision or a TPN security certification. It’s exciting to be partnering with Terry and AlphaDogs. Our partnership will allow the AlphaDogs team and clients access to our facilities and resources while The Product Factory will explore an entirely new, live action, world with Terry as our guide.

Together we feel the next step in remote / local collaboration of post production—providing the best talent, top quality, and always personal approach to helping creative people get their project to a successful completion—has finally arrived.

NEW SITE COMING SOON! — You can reach AlphaDogs at (818) 729-9262